Dirty windows for more security

8 June 2010

Now that I found the bus, I need to get it pulled all the way from Shakeeb’s house to the Workshop, where the fixing will be done. One puncture – check. Two flat tires -check. Opaque glasses -check, No breaks -check. All checked, Let’s hit the road!

I try cleaning the glasses, so I can see through them, when my friend Daoud arrives and advises me to leave them dirty so the policemen at check point will not see me…well if it can keep me protected under this dirt, let’s go for this option.

I sit in the van, Daoud starts pulling me, I’m tied to his car with a rope. We zigzag between the bumps, cracks, ditches, carts, and bicycles. Only using the hand-break so I don’t hit Daoud’s car, which is only a meter and half from me (that was the only rope we could get).

Three police check points and no questions. The dust was useful for once! The bus has the advantage of looking pretty “local,” blending in perfectly.

After 20 minutes we reached the … Container…locally called a garage

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