Road Pass: we have it!

18 May 2011

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The almighty Road Pass

To all those who plan to procure a road pass in Herat, Afghanistan in order to bring an Afghan car across the border. Please follow these simple 19 steps:

  • Approval, green light, and fancy letter from the Chief of police
  • Presentation of the letter of request at the Ministry of Traffic
  • Confirmation from the chief so he can validate the first authorization (in case he changed his mind)
  • Signature of the director of the Department of Traffic
  • Review of the signatures by the Office of Signature Control, and addition of the signature of the director of the Office of Signature control (offical red pen only)
  • First payment to the bank for filing fees
  • Confirmation of payment taken to the department of traffic
  • Validation and approval by the Chief of Traffic
  • Validation of the demand from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Long form needs to be filled out and signed by foreigners involved (long, long form)
  • Review of documents and signature by the Office of Signature Control, again red pen is a must.
  • Approval of the file, official stamp form the Ministry of Traffic
  • Second payment to the bank
  • Office of traffic writes the road pass but does not yet issue it
  • Final approval of the road pass by the Chief of Police (last chance to change his mind)
  • Presenation of a wrist watch to the Minister of Traffic as a bribe (as much bling as possible)
  • Issuing of the Road Pass
  • Final approval of the road pass by the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (last chance for them to change their minds)
  • Review and approval of the road pass by the Iranian Consulate


Road pass seekers may suffer from any of the following side effects:

Feelings of extreme frustration

Over tiredness with occasional delirium

Fits of rage or anger

Feelings of demoralization

Extreme Impatience

Loss of will to go on

Loss of trip members who’s visas expire as they wait in various neighboring

Caffeine overload (due to over consumption of tea)

Elation (upon receiving final confirmation)

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