Red on red, green on green

15 June 2010

Today is the big day, we will turn on the engine after 2 years. Then the mechanic will decide on what to do.

First we need a new battery. Nasser and I go to the shop, on the way he tells me he is from a family of 15 children! 6 sisters and 9 brothers. Afghan families are often big but this on is in the top! Having an extended family can be pretty useful.

I purchased one of the best brand available here a ‘’THUNDER LIGHT’’ 60 amp. The shopkeeper filled it with acid and we went to an other shop to get it fully charged. On our way back to the workshop, we stopped to visit Nasser’s brother across the street, a mechanic as well, then an other brother—this one is a police man, and a bit further, the fruit seller is from the family as well…

Battery is set, we checked the petrol level, it should be fine a bit old but should make it. Nasser gets behind the steering wheel, since the keys have been lost we need to start with the wires, red on red, green on green . Very crucial moment…. Finger crossed. Wires sparkle, instantly the engine cough shaking and smoking, a good sign. After a few secongs its all turning fine. This is really good news, the morale is now good.

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