From Kabul with love

23 juillet 2010

Dear reader,
Friday is a day off in Afghanistan, we take it seriously and don’t work on Fridays, we really deserve it after all these busy days. We decide to ride our bicycle downtown, buzzing around through all the little streets. There is always something unexpected to see, someone amazing to meet, or an obstacle to cross. We enjoy our Phoenixes, The National bicycle made in China. Everyone who has a bicycle here has a Phoenix. What a flying beast this Phoenix, not so ready to take off with its 18 kgs and a unique gear !!!

They are very strong though and they have huge wheels that allow them to ride on the messy roads of Afghanistan.
Bicycling is the ideal mode of locomotion here, you can sneak around between cars coming from all directions. We can take the rotaries clockwise like the cars show us, we can avoid the road by riding on the sidewalk like motorcycles do. A big dose of adrenaline, fingers on the bell, no brake (we bought second hand bicycles) but a scarf to protect us from the dust.

Ride on !!!

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