Dirty Cleansing

24 juin 2010

Today the bus will get a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning before being sent to the painter. All the body work is done and fine. Right in front of Ahaad’s workshop is a place where you can clean your car. It’s a kind of a dirty pond filled with plastic bags and unidentified rubbish. As usual two train sized steel containers to match the afghan standard and a big metal warped ramp covered with old car mats.

Further down is a big hole with a motor pump at the bottom. The water from this disgusting pond is filtered down into the hole where the pump sends with pressure this delightfull liquid toward the ramp where vehicles comes to be get their cleaning in this smelly atmosphere.

Hard to believe that something can get clean in this place, but anyway I don’t really have the choice, its the closest station and I can’t really push the bus any further (the engine is at the workshop) I feel like trying.

The car wash team has two members, the boss and his employee. The boss is pretty gruff, he always has expressive gestures. He is in charge of the hose, he is the one playing around with water, where as the employee has to deal with the hard part of the job. Scraping with a knife and some petrol the bottom of the ca, he removes all the dirt and old grease petrified on the frame below. Hard task. He will be happy with 40 years of accumulation !!! I’m sorry for him, but that’s his job and he seems happy enough.

One hour and a half later the bus looks way better I can now recognized the different parts of the frame !

It’s now time to bring it to the painter, an other exciting step....

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