Camera obscura

10 juin 2010

People used to get their ID photos taken off the street by Street photographer, Using Big camera obscura, in Black and white . Whatever paper work you need in Afghanistan requires Id picture. They were lining up in front of ministries and governemental offices along with Public writers filling the forms for one in need. But when we came back, They were all gone a suicide bomber targeting a police bus in this area destroyed most of the shop and their photographer. A horrible loss, Digital color photography took over their business.

Being stubborn we investigated to find one , asking every single photoshop in town , nowaday selling only digital cameras and printing supplies. We biked all the street of kabul , Every single corner , to find only 2 photographers using these cameras

Now that it has became rare , the price jacked up to 350 USD. Insane. after much and much investigation , we traced one that belonged to the guest house where we were living in 2008 . We then called a colleague in kabul who directed us to someone in south Africa who gave me a contact in badakhshan, who pointed us to the Kandahar contact was coming back to kabul to help us find it !

Here we go after 3 days of research we finally reach the holly wooden box, a dusty cracked rusted camera with no lens half standing on its broken tripod. It s a 27 kilo blue box, around one and a half meter long that we have to bring back home for renovation, Mode of transportation : bicycle ! Landry wreck-less loads it one his shoulder, defies gravity on his bike with a flat tyre (good for stability ) An exciting 25 minutes ride in the dark ...

it s now time for deep renovation.

Here are the first test.

Chemicals ( developer fixer) will be the next quest.

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